Friendship Leads

Purpose: Friendship Leads works in collaboration with the Pastor to help set the direction and spirit of our congregation as we are led by the Holy Spirit.
Ministries: Deacons, Deaconess, Trustees, Executive Team, Joint Board
Stream Composition: Min: Rashon Jones (leader), Trustee Derrick Person, Deacon Anthony Payne, Minister Gerthrine Boyette

Friendship Learns

Purpose: Friendship Learns will be responsible for all educational aspects of the Church and works to enhance the biblical and spiritual understanding of every member of our Church
Ministries: Christian Education Dept, Sunday School, Book Circle, Becoming Your Best You (BBY), Sister to Sister, AC Ware Leadership School, Great Lake, Congress of Christian Education
Stream Composition: Penny Payne (leader), Trustee Deacons Charles Wayne and Charles Richardson, Min Ray Mitchell

Friendship Cares

Purpose: Friendship Cares focuses on the care and well-being of our congregation.
Ministries: Ushers, Nurses, Safety, Hospitality
Stream Composition: Deborah Billups (leader), Trustee Roxanne Hamner, Deacons Frank Black and Jermaine Booker, Min Veronica Deas

Friendship Body

Purpose: Friendship Body will Minister to the well-being of the various demographics of the church
Ministries: Marriage, Seniors, Men’s Women’s Singles, Young Adults, Children/Youth, Culinary
Stream Composition: Deacon Michael Davis (leader), Trustee Kelly Anderson, Deacons Grady Thompson and Steve Strickland, Min John Robinson

Friendship Worship

Purpose: Friendship Worship is responsible for all areas of worship and praise in the Church
Ministries: All Choirs, Worship Team, Dance Ministry, Audio Visual
Stream Composition: Diane Reeves (Minister of Music and Leader), Trustee Adele Gilbert, Deacon Michael Anderson, Min Katrina Martin

Friendship Serves

Purpose: Friendship Serves, will be responsible for developing a pool pf volunteers for the church. The goal is to have a list of volunteers who will assist in every activity and service the church will be hosting
Stream Composition: Kaylyn Billups (leader), Trustee Ebony Atwood, Deacon Kareem Barnes, Min Joshua Hutchens

Friendship Gives

Purpose: Friendship Gives is responsible for our intentional efforts to be blessing to Evangelize our community
Ministries: Evangelism, Food Outreach, Outreach, Pay it Forward, Community Service
Stream Composition: (Leader), Trustee Linda Robinson, Deacon Bernard Rias and Joe Maye, Min Rochelle Drake

Congregational Care

Purpose: Congregational Care will enhance the efforts of the Friendship Cares Stream and provide a formalized plan that assures that every member receives the assistance and guidance needed at the time that it is needed. Congregational Care aims to assist and support members spiritually, financially, and emotionally as members old and new navigate the challenges of church and life
Ministries: New Membership, Visitation, Bereavement, Benevolence, Generation Ministry
Ministry Composition: Deacon Steve Wallace, (Leader), Christie Watkins-Cunningham, Deacon Rufus Barnes, Emma Nunn and Deaconess Alisa Barnes, Deaconess Valencia Wayne